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Call for course registrations – February 2023

UniVz moved to HISinOne EXA – for information about all courses scheduled for the winter semester 2022/23 please go to HISinOne EXA

Please check the updated overviews of Methods and Professional Skills courses. Logo_GAUSS&GGNB

The registration for methods and professional skills courses held in February 2023 will be open from 1 December 2022.

You can register from 1-20 December online via Stud.IP for courses taking place in February; the slots will be allocated around 22 December.

Courses that do not reach the minimum number of participants will be cancelled. Only in very exceptional cases will we send reminders for courses which are not full yet, so make sure to register in time.

Please check carefully for scheduling conflicts. Registration after 20 December 2022 is not possible, please do not contact the course instructors. All communication regarding the courses should be via the GAUSS or GGNB Office. In case you have registered but then need to cancel a course, you can still do so in Stud.IP before the end of December. From 1 January 2023 your participation will be binding and cancellation is only possible via the GGNB or GAUSS Office with a) sick certificate, or b) statement by supervisor for scientific reasons. If you do not provide this, you will be excluded from courses for the next 12 months(!), as well as grants or scholarships and other financial support. No exceptions.

For a full list of courses scheduled for the winter semester 2022/23 please go to HISinOne EXAthe data are subject to changes and therefore preliminary!

A detailed description on how to register for a course via Stud.IP can be found here: Courses_Instructions_WiSe2022/23

Note: By signing up you agree

(1) to carefully check whether you will be able to attend the course (do not register for 2 courses taking place on the same dates – the above mentioned sanctions apply!);

(2) to frequently check your student e-mail account, as all information on courses will exclusively be sent to that account;

(3) that your name and e-mail address may be forwarded to the course instructor(s) for communication before and after the course;

(4) to complete the course evaluation;

(5) inform us if you no longer wish to maintain a waiting list position.

Important: Active participation in online (skills & methods) courses is prerequisite to collect the respective credits.
Active participation with the camera running is set as a prerequisite for course participation. Participants who expect technical problems should contact us in advance so that we can find a solution.

Confirmations of participation are to be obtained from Stud.IP.

Professional Skills Courses

Trainer EXA
ID Title of Course Credits Date Status Recommended for (early/middle/late PhD)
 Engel, Malte 340407 S 58 Critical Reasoning and Logic 1.0 7-8 Feb 2023 PRESENCE allTimes
 Bennett, Deborah 340540 GS 20 Scientific Communication: Talks, Posters and Papers 1.5 13-16 Feb 2023 PRESENCE early+middle
 TBA 340597 GS 27 Active Bystander Training 0.0 3 Feb 2023
[1.5 hrs]
ONLINE allTimes
 Enke, Neela 340477 GS 18 Navigating difficult seas: professional communication, conflict management and negotiation 1.0 21-22 Feb 2023 PRESENCE allTimes
 Schilling, Gaby 340501 S 55 What to do with a PhD  0.5  28 Feb 2023  PRESENCE early+middle
German Language Courses (open only for students of certain doctoral programs): see announcements in GAUSS Newsletters.
ZESS courses (skills, languages):

Methods Courses

Department/Group Supervisor(s) EXA
ID Title of Course Credits Status Date
 Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Statistics
 Mundry, Roger 340497 A 277 Linear models and their application in R 4.5 ONLINE 26 Jan – 17 Feb 2023 register between
15 Dec – 13 Jan via email to
 Steinem, Claudia Dominik Ruppelt, Merve Sari, Ingo Mey 340067 A 133 Using biosensors to study analyte-ligand interactions: basic principles and applications 0.5 TBA 10 Feb 2023
 Vertebrate Animal Models
 Wirths, Oliver 340199 A 175 Neurodegenerative Diseases: Behavioral and neuropathological analysis of transgenic mouse models 1.0 PRESENCE Feb 2023

Please evaluate your methods courses afterwards in LimeSurvey (you will receive an email invitation). Your confirmations of participation are to be obtained from Stud.IP.