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Online Workshops by the “Transfer & Startup Hub” (14 Feb & 14 Mar 2023)

In cooperation with the “Young Entrepreneurs in Science” (YES) program of the Falling Walls Foundation, the Transfer & Startup Hub of the University Göttingen will offer two online workshops in the winter semester 2022/2023, explicitly aimed at PhD students and postdocs. They are intended to show interested parties career and development prospects and encourage them to discover existing skills and potential. The workshops will be held in English.


14 February 2023 Future Thinking (Online-Workshop, 14-16:30)

Do you wonder what the world will look like in ten or fifteen years? How do you and your research fit into future scenarios? In this workshop, you will learn techniques to venture a glimpse into the unknown as well as to learn about trend analysis to find future visions and innovation potential.

  • Input: STEEP trend analysis technique & future scenario building
  • Exercise: Identify trends and build future scenarios
  • Play: Get inspired and have a look into the future!



14 March 2023 Your Research Canvas (Online-Workshop, 14-16:30)

What is the application potential of your own research? In this workshop, you will reflect about user groups and the network of stakeholders that surround you and your research. Why could they benefit from your research? Brainstorm potential use cases and help each other to take your ideas to the next level.

  • Reflection about the potential of one’s own research topic/idea
  • Assessing potential through identifying users/stakeholders
  • Developing or extending potential use cases based on one’s research & network