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Cours on Good Scientific Practice – mandatory to all doctoral students!

In educating and training junior scientists, the University is aiming to ensure the prevention of scientific misconduct, offer advice, help investigating cases of suspected violation of rules, and arbitrate cases of unclear authorship or other disputes.

Thus, in accordance with the binding GAUSS doctoral degree regulations of the math-nat. Faculties (§6 (2)) all doctoral students have to attend an official seminar on Good Scientific Practice (ideally) in the first year of their PhD.


§6 (2)

Im Rahmen des Promotionsstudiums muss die oder der Promovierende in der Regel spätestens innerhalb eines Jahres nach Aufnahme in das Promotionsprogramm die Teilnahme an wenigstens einer Veranstaltung zur guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis nachweisen.

As part of their doctoral studies, the doctoral candidate must prove participation in at least one event on good scientific practice usually at the latest within one year after admission to the doctoral programme.