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Call for course registrations – January 2019

The registration for methods and skills courses held in January 2019 will be open from 1 November. You can register for courses taking place in January from 1-20 November; the slots will be allocated on 25 November. Please check carefully for scheduling conflicts. In case you have registered but then need to cancel a course, you can still do so before the end of November. From 1 December your participation will be binding and cancellation is only possible with a statement by your supervisor or your doctor’s attestation.

For a full list of courses scheduled for the winter semester 2018/19 please go to UniVZ.

A detailed description on how to register for a course can be found here: GGNB_GAUSS_Courses_Instructions_2018

Skills courses:

Trainer UniVZ ID Title of Course Credits Date Recommended for (early/middle/late PhD)
Stearns, Julie 340193 S 50 Voice and body coaching: communicating with confidence and accuracy 1.0 21-22 Jan 2019  early+middle
Schiller, Alexander 340253 S 74 Applications and Interviews in- and outside of Academia 1.0 28-29 Jan 2019  late
Klein, Thomas 340329 GS 06 BWL für Nicht-Betriebswirte 1.5 9-11 Jan 2019  late
Schiller, Alexander 340385 GS 10 Time Management 0.5 30 Jan 2019  allTimes
Schiller, Alexander 340386 GS 11 Project Management 0.5 31 Jan 2019  allTimes
Courses on teaching skills/didactics: the Hochschuldidaktik team offers courses both in English and German:
ZESS courses:

Methods courses:

Department/Group Supervisor(s) UniVZ ID Title of Course Credits Date
Molecular Biology & Genetics
Cramer Patrick  – 340316 A 214 Genome Science Lecture Series 1.5 Fridays
Cell Biology & Microbiology, Imaging
Kehlenbach, Ralph Kehlenbach, Ralph 340081 A 039 Analysis of nucleocytoplasmic transport by flow cytometry 0.5 Jan 2019
Vertebrate Animal Models
Wirths, Oliver  – 340199 A 175 Neurodegenerative Diseases: Behavioral and neuropathological analysis of transgenic mouse models 1.0 Jan 2019
Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience, Electrophysiology
Wojcik, Sonja  – 340379 A 201 Preparation and patch-clamp recording of adrenal chromaffin cells 0.5 11 Jan 2019
Philippe, Jean Lina Jaime, Özge Oöcete 340397 A242_2 Electrophysiological Approaches to Understanding Sensory Processing in the Inner Ear 0.5 3-4 Jan 2019
Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Statistics
Grubmüller, Helmut / Schmidt, Christoph F. Grubmüller, Helmut / Schmidt, Christoph F. 340166 A 025 Current Topics in Biophysics – Lecture Series 1.0 Fridays
Steinem, Claudia Andreas Janshoff / Ingo Mey, Stefan Nehls / Hannes Witt 340235 A 169 Atomic Force Microscopy versatile tools to study surfaces and surface properties 1.0 14-15 Jan 2019


Laboratory Animal Science:

Courses are offered by the UMG. To register, please contact Dr. Monique Silter ( The fees for the course have to be covered by the department of the participant.

Theoretical part: online course. The passing of a written exam is prerequisite for participation in the practical part.

Practical part:

26-30 Nov 2018         Modules 1-6