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Call for course registrations – September 2021

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic it is quite possible that courses have to be cancelled or will be switched from presence to online at short notice.

Please check the updated overviews of Methods and Professional Skills courses.

The registration for methods and professional skills courses held in September 2021 will be open from 1 July 2021.Logo_GAUSS&GGNB

You can register online via Stud.IP for courses taking place in September from 1-20 July; the slots will be allocated on 25 July.

Please check carefully for scheduling conflicts. Registration after 20 July is not possible, please do not contact the course instructors. All communication regarding the courses should be via the GAUSS or GGNB Office. In case you have registered but then need to cancel a course, you can still do so in Stud.IP before the end of July. From 1 August your participation will be binding and cancellation is only possible with a statement by your supervisor or your doctor’s attestation via an email to our offices, not to the course instructors.

For a full list of courses scheduled for the summer semester 2021 please go to UniVZthe data are due to changes and therefore preliminary!

A detailed description on how to register for a course via Stud.IP can be found here: Courses_Instructions_SoSe2021

Note: By signing up you agree (1) to frequently check your student e-mail account (studIT Account), as all information on courses will exclusively be sent to that account; (2) that your name and e-mail address may be forwarded to the course instructor(s) for communication before and after the course.

Important: Active participation in online (skills & methods) courses is prerequisite to collect the respective credits.
Active participation with the camera running is set as a prerequisite for course participation. Participants who expect technical problems should contact us in advance so that we can find a solution.


Intensive German courses for international students

These intensive 4 hours/day (two weeks, Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 12.30) skill-oriented German courses for (PhD) students of GAUSS/GGNB are primarily designed to develop the ability to communicate in simple everyday situations.

Detailed course information can be found in this Newsletter Post!

Registration deadline: Sunday, 5 September 2021 (Please register as soon as possible to help us to better calculate the demand. If the maximum number of participants for a course (20) is reached, you can still register. We will try to offer additional courses for this language level if courses are overbooked.)

UNIVZ/Stud.IP Title of Course Recommended
450419 (WiSe 2021/22) Intensivkurs für GGNB/GAUSS Studierende & Promovierende (PhD) – Kurs A1.1 For students without any knowledge of the German language
450413 (WiSe 2021/22) Intensivkurs für GGNB/GAUSS Studierende & Promovierende (PhD) – Kurs A1.2 For students who already took part in a German language course A1.1
450417 (WiSe 2021/22) Intensivkurs für GGNB/GAUSS Studierende & Promovierende (PhD) – Kurs A2 For students with basic knowledge of the German language
450459 (WiSe 2021/22) Intensivkurs für GGNB/GAUSS Studierende & Promovierende (PhD) – Kurs B / C For students with advanced knowledge of the German language


Professional Skills Courses:

Trainer UniVZ
ID Title of Course Credits Date Status Recommended for (early/middle/late PhD)
Roth, Harald 340507 S 86 Mental Strategies for Doctoral Students 1.0 start: 6 Aug 2021 5xFridays, 14-18h
ONLINE allTimes
Petersen, Alexia 340139 S 05 Intercultural Communication I – Working across borders 1.0 11-13 Aug 2021 ONLINE allTimes
Ronsöhr, Cedric 340404 GS 07 Basics in business competence for natural scientists 1.5 1-3 Sep 2021 PRESENCE middle+late
Dixon, John 340224 S 63 Effective Scientific Writing and Publishing 1.0 6-8 Sep 2021 ONLINE early+middle
Enke, Neela 340477 GS 18 Navigating difficult seas: professional communication, conflict management and negotiation 1.0 7-9 Sep 2021 ONLINE allTimes
Bergner, Judith 340493 GS 17 Mental strength for PhD students 1.0 14 Sep 2021 ONLINE allTimes
Bennati, Marina 340503 S 85 Good Scientific Practice 0.5 22 Sep 2021 ONLINE early
Hoier, Sabine 340384 GS 09 Praktische Grundlagen der Mitarbeiterführung 1.5 27-29 Sep 2021 PRESENCE middle+late
ZESS courses (skills, languages):


Methods Courses:

Please keep in mind to evaluate your methods courses directly afterwards in Stud.IP.

Department/Group Supervisor(s) UniVZ
ID Title of Course Credits Status Date
Katschinski, Dörthe Ana Maria Vergel Leon 340340 A 234 Using biosensors to study cellular redox processes 0.5 presence 13 Sept 2021
Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience, Electrophysiology
Pardo, Luis Pardo, Luis 340040 A 063 Patch clamp 1.5 presence 22-24 Sept
Theoretical, Systems & Behavioral Neuroscience
Antal, Andrea Strenzke, Nicola / Hoch, Gerhard 340054 A 041 Auditory and visual evoked potentials 1.0 presence 16-17 Sept
Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Statistics
Hörandl, Elvira Appelhans, Marc / Natascha Wagner 340247 A 188 Introduction into the bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequence data 1.5 presence 8-10 Sept
Hörandl, Elvira Appelhans, Marc / Natascha Wagner 340300 A 190 Reduced-representation NGS methods in phylogenomics and biogeography: RADseq & RNAseq 1.5 presence 14-16 Sept
Steinem, Claudia Dominik Ruppelt / Merve Sari / Ingo Mey 340067 A 133 Using biosensors to study analyte-ligand interactions: basic principles and applications 0.5 tba 17 Sept
Steinem, Claudia Ingo Mey / Jonathan Bodenschatz 340235 A 169 Atomic Force Microscopy versatile tools to study surfaces and surface properties 0.5 tba 27 Sept