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SBS – Sports, Brain and Socializing – in Göttingen

Are you enjoying going for a run and chating about scientific projects and your research interests? Then why not combining it and meeting likeminded people!

Olga Kellert recently launched the “SBS – Sports, Brain & Socializing” and if you are keen to join, contact her (email) and find out more about herself and events below.


About Olgo

  • I do outdoor sports while talking about Science and Technology (my favorite topics). I ran a half marathon in Hamburg just recently (Time: 1 hour 46 minutes).
  • I’m a linguist who is interested in the interaction between meaning and form of natural languages, especially Romance languages (my main interest).
  • My current project is about change of meaning. I investigate how words lose their meanings and get new ones (see HERE ).
  • My recent interest has become computational linguistics that develops computer systems that deal with written and/or spoken language. I like to talk about research and innovation in language technology.
  • The motivation to initialize Sports, Brains and Socializing has its origin in my passion for Chatting with Scientists. Talking about different scientific projects while doing sports gives us the opportunity to socialize with different scientists, get new ideas and refresh our mind-set (see HERE )

What we will do together

  • We will run and chat about our scientific projects and interests for about one hour every Tuesday after 9 p.m. (Meeting point: 9 p.m. Uni Nord Campus: in front of the entry into Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung).
  • Running Route: we will run on the Nord Campus, from Max-Planck-Institut to the experimental botanic garden and on the campus again (around 8 km.).

Who you are

  • Experienced runner and/or outdoor sportsman or sportswoman
  • Interested in discussions about science and technology