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New staff – welcome Nadine Ernst!

I am very happy for my assistant Christin Schröter who is expecting her second child very soon. She is pivotal to the success of the GAUSS Career Service and all of you know her either by email or in person from our workshops and networking events.

Until she is returning from maternity leave in 2020 our new colleague Nadine Ernst is covering Christin’s task. As you will communicate a lot with Nadine in the future I would like to take this opportunity and briefly introduce her to you.

Nadine got her degree in social anthropology and art history from the University of Göttingen in 2010 and subsequently started her PhD on Indian Painting in 2015. Working in the tourism industry from 2010 to 2016, she started as a freelance cultural marketing advisor in 2017. Before joining the GAUSS Career Service in November 2018, Nadine worked as commercial clerk in an IT office.

We are happy to have Nadine in our team and we wish Christin all the best!