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Online Regional Industry Excursions offered by SNIC

Logo_SNIC_farbe_Alumni of the regional universities (souther Lower Saxony) give you interesting and helpful insights into their current activities and report on personal experiences when starting a career. Find out what other entry-level opportunities the participating regional companies are on offer and what requirements you need.

08 Nov, 11-12am: A. Kayser Automotive Systems
“Job description – product development in the automotive sector”.
Dr. Christopher Ehrhardt, Chemistry alumnus
Target group: Students, doctoral candidates, postdocs in chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, economics
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09 Nov, 9:30-10:30 am: FRÖTEK Plastics Technology
“Job profiles – laboratory management & electrical engineering in the plastics industry”.
Sebastian Mathes, Alumnus Physics
Target group: Students, doctoral candidates, postdocs in the fields of materials science, polymer and plastics technology, chemistry, physics
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11 Nov, 1-3pm: SYCOR
“From study to job – how I became a trainer”.
Rebecca Lopez Galvis, Alumna English Language and Literature
Vanessa Steinhoff, Alumna Business Education
Target group: Students, doctoral candidates, postdocs in linguistics and cultural studies, humanities, computer science
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