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Lecture series: “Growing up in Science” – Berlin

Growing up in Science (GUIS) was started in 2014 at New York University by professors Wei Ji Ma and Cristina Alberini. Now it runs worldwide in many universities and also in Berlin.

Everyone in academia had to face struggles, detours, switching fields, and failures during their scientific career. However, sometimes when we look around at our colleagues and supervisors, we feel like their academic journeys were smooth and straightforward – very unlike our own. When we are asked to tell our career stories or submit our CVs, we usually focus on our achievements and successes. This, no wonder, will create an impression that struggling and failure is rare in academia.

In Growing Up in Science (GUIS) – Berlin, the speakers present more honest stories about working in academia. In every talk, a scholar’s story focusing on doubts, struggles, detours and failures throughout all career stages is featured. In this series, GUIS aims to examine the hidden human factors of working and succeeding in academia in depth and in the context of a broader narrative.

Check out the talk series here.