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GAUSS Career Workshop: “How to start your own research group / lab”, 13-14 August 2018

This workshop is designed for postdoctoral researchers with at least 1 year of postdoctoral experience. It aims to provide all the tools needed to start an independent academic research group.

The workshop is highly interactive, mostly based on discussions and interactive exercises.


Detailed description:

“Funding” shows how to pick the right funding type and how to effectively write applications and proposals:

  • Funding strategies and opportunities in Germany and worldwide
  • Planning and managing my start and my career

“Science” will enable you to structure your own group and position it within the environment at your institute and beyond:

  • How to get independent from your supervisor
  • How to perform interdisciplinary research

“People” is all about leading; yourself and your team:

  • Leadership and team structures
  • Hiring and retaining staff
  • Feedback, negotiation and conflict management