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USC Stem Cell Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (apply by 15 Nov 2022)

University-of-Southern-California-USC-EmblemThe USC Stem Cell Postdoctoral Fellows Program invites applications from recent and upcoming PhD graduates. As part of USC’s vibrant stem cell community, postdoctoral fellows will accelerate their scientific and career development through a structured mentoring plan, training on research-related and transferable skills, and faculty-led preparation for successful careers in academia or industry.
Fellowships will be awarded after matching with a host laboratory from USC’s Department of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Apply by 15 November 2022!

What you can expect:

  • wide breadth of mentors to choose from in developmental and stem cell biology
  • formal mentoring and career development committee led by three departmental faculty
  • generous stipend at CA minimum with annual salary top-up of $10,000 (e.g., $72,400 for a new postdoc in 2021–2022)
  • 3-year term
  • one-time relocation assistance payment of $2,000
  • 284+ days per year of golden California sunshine

For more information on the fellowship program check out this webpage.