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Freigeist Fellowship by Volkswagenstiftung (deadline: April 1, 2021)

A ‘Freigeist’Fellowship enables you to go about what you find absolutely important and exciting –and what could become the pivotal step for a successful career in the academia. In some respectsthe ‘Freigeist’Fellowships constitute a counterpoint to the formation of large collaborative research units and priority themes that are likely to offer junior researchers less scope for individual initiative and creativity, thus constraining the development of any personal unique selling point.The Volkswagenstiftung is strongly encouraging you to explore new territories so that you as a ‘Freigeist’Fellow ideally function as a catalyst for the emergence of new fields of research.

volkswagenstiftungApplications are welcome from all research disciplines.This funding scheme is open to early-stage researchers of all nationalities. Applicants must, however, be integrated within a university or an extra-mural research institution in Germany from the beginning of the fellowship. At least one year and no more than four years should have elapsed since award of the applicant’s doctorate.

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