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Webpage Update: Research Funding Opportunities and Trainee Programs

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1Over the last couple of weeks we updated the GAUSS Career Service Webpage and included some new features you might have missed, but which we would like to highlight here: Trainee Programs and Research Funding Opportunities with a new category.

Research Funding Opportunity

Attracting research funding is one of the key measures on the road to academic independence and success. There are plenty of options as a postdoc to apply for national and international research grants and scholarships depending on your career level and also the length of the project or research plan. To support you in navigating through the different funding schemes we provide on our webpage a list of funding opportunities to give you a general overview of what is available. Each funding scheme is listed with a short profile including brief details (purpose, duration, type of funding, eligibility criteria and deadlines).

In addition to the previous three categories (postdocs/early career; junior groups; senior academics) we added a new one:

Check it out and find a suitable opportunity to fund your next research endeavour!

Trainee Programs outside Academia

Are you planning to join a trainee program to kick-start your career in industry? Then check out the collection on our GAUSS Career Service Webpage: Trainee Programs

As there are many in different sectors (e.g. Pharma, Chemical Industry, Consulting, Precision Engineering), we collated nearly 50 and listed them on this webpage categorised by industry and all with a short profile. At all these companies, alumni of GAUSS/GGNB are employed. If you are interested scroll through and explore the different options.