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New Podcast “Surviving in Academia”

One of our postdocs from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Dr Victoria Cantoral, launched a podcast together with a colleague from KU Leuven / Uppsala University. The first episode of the podcast “Surviving in Academia“ was launched on September 1st, 2021 and you can rewatch it on the website. The monthly podcast series is hosted by two young academics Dr. Victoria Cantoral and Dr. Miriam Thegel, and it is mainly oriented towards early-career researchers. The idea of the podcast is to empower young academics and raise awareness about both opportunities and challenges present in Academia. The current pandemic has affected our social situation at work, leading to more isolation and a solitary working environment. With this in mind, this podcast was created to facilitate the interaction between young academics in order to share their experiences. If you have any questions regarding the podcast or if you wish to participate with an interesting topic, do not hesitate to contact them via e-mail or social media.