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Research on Science – Summer schools and workshops (Volkswagen Foundation, apply by 1 Nov 2022)

2560px-Logo_Volkswagenstiftung.svgWithin the framework of “Research on Science”, the Volkswagen Foundation offers funding for workshops and summer schools that aim to reflect, combine, and experiment with the various methodological approaches or theoretical challenges in the area of research on research. Respective events are meant to introduce early career researchers from various disciplines to research on research and to enhance the participants’ skills and knowledge in this area. This funding scheme is designed to strengthen research on research as an interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse research field and to build up and expand respective expertise, especially among early career researchers in Germany.

Funding offer

The program addresses scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds working on questions or topics relating to research on research. Funding is provided for workshops and summer schools which offer opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers acquire additional expertise, methodological skills, and knowledge about ways of working that are crucial for further development of the research field. It is possible to apply for funding for a single event or a series with up to three events that build on each other thematically.

Details of requirements as well as the application procedure can be found under Information for Applicants (pdf).



Within the framework of “Perspectives on Research” the funding scheme for summer schools and workshops is one of two funding initiatives that explicitly address research on research.  Together with other person- or structure-oriented initiatives they form the profile area “Understanding Research – Evaluation and Science Practice“.