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GAUSS Career Workshop: “Leading Teams in Academia. Multiple Perspectives for Greater Awareness” (19-20 Jan 2022; online)

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1We are happy to announce our first GAUSS Career Workshop in 2022: “Leading Teams in Academia. Multiple Perspectives for Greater Awareness” by Dr. Matteo Garavoglia. This workshop is intended for those postdocs and late stage-PhD students pursuing an academic career.

What is leadership? Which roles do different individuals play within a team? What dynamics underpin effective team communication? Which tolls can one employ to provide more effective supervision? This workshop helps you to develop the tools to effectively answer some of these questions.

  • Date: Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 9-18h and Thursday, 20 January 2022, 9-16:00h
  • Location: online
  • Target Group: Postdoctoral scientist and late-stage PhD students
  • Trainer: Dr. Matteo Garavoglia
  • Workshop Category: Improving Your Personal and Professional Skills
  • Registration: Please register here and send an e-mail to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop

Workshop Description: On the first day, participants are guided through a series of steps to

  • identify which leadership strategies might best suit the needs of the team
  • understand the different roles that individuals might play within a team
  • enhance their communication skills
  • address those issues that might influence the quality of supervision.

On the second day, participants will join the workshop one at the time for a tailor-made session with the trainer. Within this context, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the individual challenges that they are facing and to employ the skills learnt on the first day. By investing one day working with their colleagues on the first day and engaging in a one-to-one session with the trainer on the second day, participants will gain new and invaluable tools to address the challenges that late-stage PhD students and early-stage post-doctoral researchers inevitably face.

Testimonials: “The workshop is a great way to dive in all the essentials of leadership and communication. Matteo is a great guy to talk to which makes it all the way fun!”;
“This is a fantastic workshop that gives you the tools you need to structure your role as a Leader, the know-how-to manage. Clearly presented, with practical examples on how to design and shape your particular role as a Leader. Highly recommended!”