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Workshop “Budget Planning in Applications for EU Research Funding” (EU Office), 16 Jan 2019

Whereas most researchers tend to focus on the content and international dimensions of their project proposals with enthusiasm, working out a viable budget often takes a back seat or is neglected altogether. Calculating the budget in the days and hours just before the deadline can lead to a proposal being rejected or to an approved project lacking the means necessary to ensure its smooth administration or even its successfulness.

Why not reduce the pressures of writing up research proposals by preparing your budget early on? This workshop is intended for all those who are thinking about applying for EU-funding within the next year. Register by 20 December 2018 if you are interested.

The finance team, Steffanie Frost und Florian Oehme, and research advisors from the EU-Office at the University of Göttingen will present the general features on financial planning in EU-research proposals and give specific details on how to calculate your project budget. By means of a set of exercises, participants will also gain practical experience in budget calculations that will later be useful for drawing up their own financial plan.

  • Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 10-11:30 h
  • Location: Research Department / EU Office, von-Siebold-Str. 4, 37075 Göttingen; Meeting Room 1st floor
  • Registration: only 25 places in total – register latest by 20 December 2018 per email to Ms Gunhilde Wilz