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Science Management Talk Series: “What does a Referent for Research Training Groups actually do?” on 19 Sept 2018

The new event format “Positions in Science Management: What does …?” will kick off on 19 September 2018 at 1 pm with the talk “What does a Referent for Research Training Groups actually do?” by Dr. Maren Zempel-Gino from the Reserach Deparmtent. For further information on this event series, please see below and this link.

“Positions in Science Management: What does …?”

Science managers work in a variety of different jobs at the Göttingen Campus, usually at the interface between science and administration. But what exactly do science managers actually do? In this series, employees of this exciting field inform about their work area, their involvement on the campus and their personal career path. In a small network session all participants get the opportunity to introduce themselves and to exchange ideas.

Target group:

  • Science managers on the campus who would like to get to know colleagues and positions in this field
  • Interested scientists and administrators, who would like to switch jobs and to learn more about the field of science management

The event will take place monthly with changing speakers.