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GAUSS Career Workshop “Supervisory Practice and Leadership in Science” (April 26-27/28, 2021), online

This hands-on workshop can provide significant insights in terms of supervisory work to postdocs who want to improve their leadership skills.

Through self-assessment instruments, group discussions, and a series of interactive exercises and activities, you and your colleagues will develop a repertoire of techniques for addressing issues that commonly arise when supervising students and/or technicians.

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1This online workshop promotes awareness of the participants’ own leadership profile and offers new approaches to explore. Since leadership styles are highly individual and situational, the coach does not judge styles as “good” or “bad,” but provides a nonjudgmental yet structured environment in which participants can discover what works for them.

Dates: Monday and Tuesday, April 26-27/28, 2021
Duration: Duration: 2 half-days (!), Monday: 9:00-13:30h (full group); Tuesday: 9:00-12:00h (group A); Wednesday: 9:00-12:00h (group B)
Location: The workshop will take place online. Log-in data will be provided to registered participants in due time.
Trainer: Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi

Registration: Please register here and send an email to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop. (Postdocs will have priority.)

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