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Transfer & Startup Hub Workshop “Brand Yourself” for PhD students (29 July 2022)

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 07-37-22 Transfer & Startup Hub Workshop Brand yourself für PromovierendeThe Transfer & Startup Hub of the Göttingen University is organizing the workshop “Brand Yourself” on 29 July 2022 (9-16:00h). The workshop is open to PhD students of all disciplines and will be held in German only. For the workshop description (translated into English) and how to register see below.
As a scientist, you are used to describing and presenting results in a detailed and precise way. The way in which you do this always depends on the target audience: at a symposium, for example, you have to present content differently than in a public lecture. Presenting yourself and your strengths and competencies also depends on understanding the target audience and their language. In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself to the job market, you will learn how business people think and how to strike their tone. The workshop is intended for doctoral students of all disciplines, and especially for graduates who are considering taking a job outside the university after their doctorate and may therefore enter the job market as career changers.

Register via this link.