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Independent Projects for Postdocs – Call for proposals to the CRDF (University of Bremen) – 1 April 2019

logo_ubThe University of Bremen opened the call for a funding scheme especially interesting for young scientists who have just completed their doctorate but also for advanced postdocs candidates with the career goal professorship. For further details please see below or via this link. Applications are considered until the deadline on 1 April 2019.

This funding scheme is aiming to support them in their scientific career development and the development of their own research profile. Postdocs at an early career stage shortly after their doctorate are given the opportunity to manage and take responsibility for their own research project. An explicit goal is the independent acquisition of third-party funds (“Own position DFG” or “Emmy Noether Junior Research Group”). Advanced postdocs are given the opportunity to conduct their research in a highly productive environment with an independent project, to network internationally in their respective scientific community and to build their profile towards being eligible for the appointment of a professorship. The development of further competences is carried out by individually compiled offers from BYRD and HR development.

Who can apply

  1. Junior Postdocs shortly after completion of their doctorate: The doctoral certificate must be available no later than ten months after the application deadline and must not have been issued longer than two years before the application deadline (date of the doctoral certificate). The objective of the funding scheme is to carry out the first own research project after the doctorate and to raise third-party funds.
  2. Experienced postdocs with the aim to apply for professorships: At the time of the application deadline, the doctorate was awarded at least two and no more than four years ago (date of doctoral certificate). The objective of this funding scheme is the applicant’s eligibility to be appointed as professor at the end of the funding period (habilitation-equivalent achievements, development of own research profile).

What are the requirements?

Above-average publication record, an innovative and excellent own research project and high potential for achieving the respective funding goals (periods of paternity leave are taken into account during the evaluation process). The integration of your project into the research environment at the University of Bremen is essential and part of the evaluation. This as well as showing a high degree of independence must be confirmed by a detailed statement of a full-time researcher at the University of Bremen.

The funding conditions

Postdoc position for three years plus consumables of up to EUR 6,000 per year as well as the opportunity to take advantage of application coaching and offers provided by the HR Development. Up to nine months can be spent abroad for research purposes. During the funding period, teaching is usually limited to one seminar per semester (equivalent to two semester hours per week).

The application and selection procedure

Applications can be submitted once a year with the statement of a full-time university lecturer based at the University of Bremen. The responsible departmental research commission recommends eligible candidates to the rectorate for funding after an external review process. The eight available positions are awarded in the natural sciences and engineering as well as in the social sciences and humanities.