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KlarText Special Award for the best Infographic, Klaus Tschira Stiftung (apply by 5 June 2022)

KlartextAn infographic visualizes complex relationships particularly efficiently. Without long reading, connections and structures are impressively presented and quickly grasped. With the special award for the best infographic, the Klaus Tschira Foundation would like to give recent doctoral graduates the opportunity to present a central research result or a newly developed method to a non-scientific public. The topics can range, for example, from “How does the Corona vaccination work?” to “How does AI help to measure exoplanets?”.

Prizes will be awarded to an infographic that addresses a topic from either biology, chemistry, earth sciences, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience or physics. The prize money is 7.500€.

Everyone who takes part has already won! All applicants may participate in a two-day digital seminar “Visualizing” of the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik) and learn from experts, how one visualizes data descriptively.

The best infographic will be selected by a jury composed of researchers, graphic designers and science communicators. The jury will focus on the concept of the graphic: Is there a common thread? Have the research findings been aptly implemented? Is the infographic understandable and descriptive? The quality of the layout will be judged secondarily and should not discourage anyone from trying their hand at creating infographics. The winning infographic will be graphically and editorially revised for KlarText magazine in collaboration with the winner and made ready for print.

The deadline is June 5, 2022. Apply directly with your documents by mail to:

For further information check out this webpage: