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Science Management Mentoring “WeWiMento – Wege ins Wissenschaftsmanagement” (apply by 15 March 2023

Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 07-10-41 FB_WeWiMento_6s_DE_20013_5 pdfWe are happy to announce that the 7th call of the science management mentoring program WeWiMento – Wege ins Wissenschaftsmanagement is now open until 15 March 2023! WeWiMento is aiming at doctoral students and early postdocs from all disciplines at the Göttingen Campus who are interested in a career in science management.
The program is suitable for those who have already learned something about the field of science management but are not yet (or are very new to) working in it. German language skills are required to participate in the program. For further information check out the Flyer WeWiMento (in German only).

The one-year mentoring program based on a one-to-one basis including job shadowing, networking and qualification opportunities, will start in April 2023 with an introductory workshop and a kick-off event. Applications are welcome between 15 February and 15 March 2023. The program starts with an introductory workshop on 25 April. Comprehensive information about the mentoring program as well as the link to the online application portal (from February 15, 2023) can be found on the following webpage: you have any questions, please contact either Dirk or Nelly at the Göttingen Graduate Schools:

c/o GAUSS Office
Dr. Dirk Kamin
Tel.: 0551 39-24094

c/o GGG-Geschäftsstelle
Dr. Nelly Schubert
Tel.: 0551 39-28219