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GAUSS Online Workshop “Fast Forward – The Ultimate Productivity System for Researchers” starting on 13 May 2019 (7 weeks)

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1We are happy to announce the return of our very successful and well-received project management workshop “Fast Forward – The Ultimate Productivity System for Researchers” with Dr. Nadine Sinclair.

This workshop starting on 13 May 2019 has a very special format as it is an online workshop running for 7 weeks including:

  • 7 results-oriented implementation modules
  • Weekly live Q&A coaching sessions with the trainer Nadine Sinclair
  • A private social media community
  • 12 downloadable workbooks & templates

Achieve amazing productivity and reduce your stress levels in 7 weeks by implementing the productivity secrets that allows management consultants and high-performing industry teams to generate results quickly.

  • Target group: Postdocs (10 places) and late-stage PhD students (5 places) who would like to add effective project management to their skillset und apply the principles to their own professional life supported by an implementation phase included in this course.
  • Start Date: Kick-off Online Session on Monday, 13 May 2019 at 10-12 am
  • Duration / time commitment: 7 consecutive weeks with weekly mandatory Q&A session on Wednesdays at 5-6 pm; firm commitment to spend 4 hours per week including 1 hour Q&A session, 30 min for reading through modules and 2.5 hours for completion of workbooks, templates and implementation.
  • Registration: Send an email to, including your status (Postdoc, PhD), a short motivation statement and your commitment to complete the course. PLEASE DON’T register via the Fast Forward online portal as you would need to pay the full regular fee (697 €) yourself. Places are not handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis but rather on your convincing motivation statement. Register by 26 April 2019!
  • Information event for registered participants: Tuesday, 7 May 9-10 am
  • Credits / Certificate: After successfully completing the workshop (this includes completing the different modules AND attending the Q&A sessions), you will receive a certificate and/or 2 credits (for PhD students).
  • Webpage:


Workshop Description

Learn from an expert how powerful and transformative a simple and robust productivity system can be. Participate in this implementation program, which is a 7-week coaching program designed to help you implement an agile project and time management system in your research projects. It will transform the way you work and help you achieve new levels of clarity, focus and momentum in your projects, while reducing your stress levels.

Kick-starting with an online session on the first workshop day, you will work through 7 results-oriented implantation modules (one per week) accompanied by weekly Q&A Sessions with the other participants and the trainer Nadine Sinclair. Furthermore you have access to 12 downloadable workbooks and templates as well as a private social media community on Facebook. If you don’t want to use your private account or if you don’t have one, you can set up a new account with a fake name and no picture, which you can delete again after the workshop. This workshop requires firm commitment to spend 4 hours per week and you will only receive your credits / certificate if you finish the modules as well as attend the Q&A Sessions.

Prior to the workshop we organize an information session for registered participants on Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 9-10 am (GZMB, room 0.232) with further details as well as a live chat with Nadine. After registering for the workshop you will receive further information including your login details etc.

Please check out the course webpage for further information on the Fast Forward program.

About the Trainer

Dr Nadine Sinclair is a GGNB Alumna graduating from the IMPRS Molecular Biology in 2008. After more than five years of working for one of the most prestigious management consulting firms, she set up her own ventures. Since then, she has been running several companies at the same time while travelling for 4-5 months every year, often asking herself what would have happened, if she had learned these skills earlier in her career when she was still in research. This program integrates her lessons and insights from the past 10 years of working with the top minds in consulting and industry, talking and listening to productivity experts and reading thousands and thousands of pages on the topic of productivity, learning and stress reduction.

Please check out the course webpage for further information on what the Fast Forward program includes in detail, how it works, how long the online material is accessible etc.

Testimonials from participants of the last Fast Forward Workshop

  • Clearly the workshop boosted my productivity. Although this was 7 weeks of hard work and much time invested, I even gained time because I can now better use the tie resources available.
  • This 7 week long intensive online workshop increases work productivity without having to leave the work or office ecosystem. Well suited for laboratory scientists.
  • This course was very interactive, very well structured and full of lessons that make your life easier, your work more efficient and bring you closer to your goals. You need to know that it takes some commitment and time but it’s totally worth it.
  • I learned the reason why I could not reach my goals in spite of hard work. The workshop showed me how to define realistic stepstones towards my goals and to regain control over my own schedule, avoiding tasks that just kept me busy.
  • This 7 week workshop was an eye-opener with a revolutionary concept enabling people with heavy workloads to implement changes and lessons you learned parallel to your daily work.
  • What I enjoyed the most about Fast Forward was how easy it was to get help, even though I had some trouble attending the Q&A because of the time, it was easy to gain insight from the posts in the The Seminar Room
  • I believe any person at any stage of careers who lacks time and project management skills can benefit from taking part in this course. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Taking this course has given me back my confidence that I can finish my PhD.  I had lost my optimism about completing it in a satisfactory manner.
  • The Fast Forward workshop was everything I hoped for. It addressed how to manage a project and how to increase my academic productivity. It brought methodologies from the private sector world into academia and specifically ones that are prevalent start-up culture; a high uncertainty environment that in this sense is akin to research.