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Postdoc Position available at the Institute of Anatomy and Embryology (UMG)

UMG_OHNE_4CAre you searching for an interesting Postdoc Position here in Göttingen? Then check out this job posting by Prof Thomas Dresbach from the UMG.

The position is in the Synaptogenesis group of the Institute of Anatomy and Embryology starting from 01.01.2020. We investigate how cell adhesion molecules contribute to synapse maturation. At the center of our interest is the restoration of the normal state of maturity in synapses of networks with autism-relevant disorders. We use molecular biology, biochemistry, conventional fluorescence microscopy and STED / STORM nanoscopy as well as electrophysiology to study synapse maturation in cell cultures, organotypic slice cultures, acute slices and organoids. Expertise in electrophysiology is particularly welcome.

We are looking for a new colleague for our team, where the joy of acquiring scientific knowledge, career support and mentoring, as well as making work and family life compatible are at the center of our daily work.

If you have any questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact the team!


Professor Thomas Dresbach
Institute of Anatomy and Embryology, AG Synaptogenesis
Kreuzbergring 36
37075 Göttingen
Tel: 0551-397000