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Workshop “Mastering family AND academic career” (7-8 Nov 2023), offered by the University of Göttingen

uni logoChildren – they are our greatest treasure, they make life fast-paced and colourful. Children shake up our view of the world and throw our life plans into disarray. And they need time and our attention – just like the job. Children AND career – is that possible?
The workshop is about taking a critical look at your own life and career plans: What exactly do I want to combine: how much career, how much family, how much “I”? What values, needs and role expectations do I have, what are there in the family? What are the structural framework conditions, what are the individual power reserves? And how do I want to (differently) set my goals and priorities accordingly?
In addition to techniques for time and self-management, the course focuses on the resources of the individual participants in a solution-oriented way. We identify power robbers and individual stressors as well as typical stumbling blocks in the context of family and academia and work out possible ways to successfully counter them.

Trainer: Antje Rach,
Date: 7 and 8 November 2023, 9:00-15:30
Location: Heinrich-Düker-Weg 5, room 2.110
Workshop organizer: University of Göttingen (Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit & Section HR and Organisation Developement

Contents at a glance:

  • Life balance in science
  • My life with family and career: analysis of personal values, resources, goals and priorities
  • Role models & partner sharing: expectations, clarification and delimitation
  • Workplace science: help, stumbling blocks & legal issues in the context of family & career
  • Stress: origins & coping
  • Time management: techniques & strategies

The workshop is aimed at researchers with children or the desire to have children who are striving for a career in science and do not want to forego a fulfilling family life.
The workshop addresses the topic with a mix of theory and practical tasks with a high degree of self-reflection. Discussions and group work provide space for participants to share their experiences.
Discrimination-sensitive workshop. All family forms and constellations are welcome.