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Scoping Workshops from the Volkswagen Foundation (apply by 12 Oct 2023)

2560px-Logo_Volkswagenstiftung.svgThrough “Scoping workshops”, the Volkswagen foundation intends to encourage a reflection and further development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas and communities. Through this funding, researchers are given the opportunity to jointly assess the current status of their field of research and, on this basis, to work out perspectives for its further development.

Scoping workshops are for researchers who want to take a step beyond their current activities and think about the future of their field of research. They offer a space for what happens at conferences in the spare time next to presentations and the official program: exchange about how a field of research is doing; what could be done differently in it; what potentials exist and how they could be realized; and how such developments can be initiated.


  • 3-5 July 2024
  • 17-19 July 2024

Deadline for application: 12 Oct 2023

Location: Conference Centre Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover (‘Xplanatorium’)