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GAUSS Career Workshop: “Explore the Unknown – The Company World”, Jan 20-21, 2020

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1We are happy to announce our first GAUSS Career Service workshop in 2020 – “Exploring the Unknown – The Company World” by Dr. Gaby Schilling.

This workshop is for postdoctoral scientist and late-stage PhD students who are currently applying or planning to apply for a position in industry. Getting to know different departments and their functions in a company and reflect about whether related jobs could be a good fit for your interests and profile are the goals of this workshop.

Registration: Please register here and send an email to including a short statement on your motivation to attend the workshop.

Detailed Description:
PhD students and postdocs with a background in natural and social sciences are usually not educated in economic thinking. Sometimes they do not know how enterprises create values. Often they have no idea what different departments contribute to the company’s economic success. This lack of knowledge makes them feel insecure about their opportunities in fields aside from research and development. That is the reason why their applications are often not convincing. In this course, participants will learn about different roles and tasks in enterprises and how employees in different departments interact and depend on each other. Playing different roles enables participants to realize for themselves what is the most fun and what fits best to them.