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DFG Priority Program “Catalysts and Reactors under Dynamic Conditions for Energy Storage and Conversion” (letter of intent by March 8;deadline: June 15, 2021)

The investigation of solid catalysts under dynamic, externally triggered, conditions is to be focused in this Priority Program on reactions that are relevant for energy storage and conversion. One of the first aims in the Priority Program has been the investigation by temporally and spatially resolved in-situ analysis under operating conditions and the deepening of the understanding through theoretical studies and kinetic modelling at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. In this second period, apart from the development of methods and application of a fundamental understanding of the behaviour of (electro)catalysts in dynamic operation the use of the methods to develop knowledge-based new catalysts and concepts for dynamically operated reactors come into focus.

dfgIn order to gain knowledge as part of the Priority Program, a close subject area-related and methodical interlinking of the sub-areas of spectroscopy, molecular and kinetic modelling, catalytic material systems, and reactor concepts is an essential prerequisite.

For organizational reasons all those considering to submit an application are kindly requested to send an outline of their proposal for the second three-year funding period in electronic form (pdf-file) to the coordinator by March 8, 2021. Final proposals must be written in English and submitted to the DFG by June 15, 2021 via elan, the DFG’s electronic proposal processing system.

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