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European Space Agency (ESA): Calling for ideas for next Earth Explorer (letter of intent by Sep 18, 2020)

As part of ESA’s continuing commitment to realise cutting-edge satellite missions to advance the scientific understanding of our planet and to show how new technologies can be used in space, a new Call for Earth Explorer mission ideas has been released today.

The Call invites scientists working in Earth observation to submit ideas for ESA’s 11th Earth Explorer mission.

Our planet works as a complex system that involves considerable natural variability, but human activity is taking its toll on many of these natural processes.

300px-ESA_logoEarth Explorer missions are built in response to the needs of the scientific community in their quest to understand different aspects of the Earth system and the interactions that bind the system as a whole.

Using cutting-edge technology, the main purpose of an Earth Explorer is to advance science by providing answers to key scientific questions. In meeting this challenge and by providing answers, the new mission will have a bearing on societal issues that humankind will face in the coming decades such as the availability of food, water, energy and resources, as well as health and climate change.


  • letter of intent: Sep 18, 2020
  • submission of proposal: Dec 4, 2020

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