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German Thesis Award of 25,000€ by the Körber Foundation (apply by 01 March 2022)


Every year, Körber-Stiftung presents the German Thesis Award to the best of young German researchers. In total the prizes are worth more than €100,000 for significant and innovative research, including three top prizes of €25,000 each. This makes the German Thesis Award one of the most highly endowed prizes awarded to young scientists in the country.

Apply by 1 March 2022. For further information see below and check out the webpage.

In addition to academic excellence, the German Thesis Award particularly focuses on the broader social relevance of a particular piece of research. As such, the award encourages young scientists to underscore the value of their research to society and to discuss their work in public.

Knowledge of the German language is obligatory to apply for the German Thesis Award. The application essay as well as a presentation before the jury are in German. Additionally, participants need either to have German citizenship or to have earned their PhD from a German university.

Deadline for application 1 March 2022