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Göttingen Campus “Postdoc Support and Information Fair” on 4 April 2019


Göttingen Campus is organising the 2ndPostdoc Support and Information Fair on 4 April 3-5pm at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research. Come and go as you please during the afternoon to share a coffee and dip in and out of the different stalls. Please join us for pizza and a glass of wine at 17:00.

  • Find out about support across the Göttingen Campus and beyond
  • Meet experts to enrich your time here and inform your next steps
  • Interactive sessions and information exchange
  • Get to know the University and Campus infrastructure
  • Feedback anonymously about your experience to improve the environment for everyone
  • Meet other Postdocs: discover and build your own support network
  • Get answers to those questions you never dared ask before! Frequently Unasked Questions or Previously Unanswered Questions are welcome!

Further details will follow soon on this webpage including a list of the information stalls present at the event (e.g. Open Science, Science Communication, Equal Opportunities, Family Service, Wellness, Applying for Funding, Visual Communications, Mentoring, Navigating the Employment situation, Careers, Health and Wellness).

Please register via this linkLike at our last events we offer childcare again. Please contact Christin Siegert, if you are interested.