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3rd Call will open soon: “Career promotion of female scientists” (apply by 30 Oct 2023)

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On 15 September 2023, the third call of the programme “Career promotion of female scientists” will start. The programme addresses individual needs of young female scientists. It supports projects or achievements that significantly improve their chances of reaching the next career level. Applications can be made for financial and time resources to enable female scientists to perform and expand the (additional) services required for a career in science, e.g. travel for field and archive research, grants for editing, proofreading and transcriptions, financing of childcare during parental leave in order to gain time for further scientific qualification etc.

In this call applications can be submitted from 15 September to 30 October 2023.

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Objects of the funding

Female scientists can apply for financial measures as well as time resources to enable them to provide and expand required (additional) performances within the scientific career. These include:

  1. Post-doctoral fellowships to complete habilitation or equivalent achievements (obtaining appointability for a professorship)
  2. Start-up funding for the development/preparation of a research proposal (max. 10.000 €)
  3. Individual measures, e.g. measures supporting the completion of the master’s thesis; travel for field and archive research; grants for editing, proofreading and transcription of particularly career-enhancing papers and scientific publications; career-supporting measures, e.g. individual coaching/ training in the preparationof audition lectures and selection interviews (if not available at the University of Göttingen), Short-term International Mentorship Programme (STIM); participation in (international) meetings and conferences (with own researchcontribution for doctoral students and post-docs); holding a conference
  4. Support for scientific work by financing a student or research assistant
  5. Financing of childcare during parental leave in order to gain time for further scientific qualification (for children between 3 months up to 1 year without regular day care)

Funding of one’s own position is not possible.

This list is not exhaustive, so in case you require funding for other things, please contact the programme coordinator Tina Bergmann (see below for contact details).

Eligible applicants: Those eligible to apply are female students in their final stage of studies (aiming for a doctorate) up to late postdocs. Employment or enrolment at the University of Göttingen is required. Funding for female master’s students (no MA degree yet) is only possible in areas or courses of study where the drop-out of women in the transition to doctoral studies is particularly high. UMG employees and female medical students are not eligible to apply due to the funding regulations of the Programme for Female Professors III.

Volume of the funding: Depending on its use the funding volume of an individual application is limited. Funding requires co-financing of the project from financial resources (not from third-party funds) of the faculty/institute/supervisor of the applicant (25,8% of the total amount). If a measure applied for has already been funded elsewhere in the past, renewed or additional funding is excluded (no double funding).

Contact: Programme coordinator Tina Bergmann, E-mail:, phone: 0551/ 29 26326