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Max Planck PostdocNet’s Mental Health Initiative 2023

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 12-28-58 HomeThe Max Planck PostdocNet’s Mental Health Initiative 2023 continues at full speed with some excellent talks in English and German. They are free to all online events using WebEx.


  • Transform the way you work and live (19 July 2023, 11-12h): Have you experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? In this talk, postdoc Dr Kashyap Thimmaraju shares some personal struggles as well as tips that he has used to manage himself and transform his life and wellbeing.
  • Mental Health and Academia-related immigration (16 August 2023, 11-12h): This talk is made by immigrants for immigrants and people in their environment. The aim is to promote greater understanding and compassion of the unique challenges immigrants face, provide the context and solutions for both immigrants and people who are around them. This talk is led by Dr Olga Vvedenskaya, Dragon Fly Mental Health
  • Umgang mit Belastungen und Krisen – Strategien und Tipps – (in German on 6 Sept 2023 and in English on 18 October 2023): This talk by Dr Samy Egli, Senior Psychologist Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, explains stress and tension from the viewpoint of an imbalance of resources and offers strategies from the perspective of behaviour and needs.
  • Mental Health Literacy (20 Sept 2023, 11-12h): There are many misconceptions about psychiatric disease, what causes it, who is at risk, and how it manifests. This lecture includes information about the prevalence of mental health illness in general and academic populations, an overview of signs and symptoms, and the science underlying the causes and treatments. This talk is led by Dr Olga Vvedenskaya, Dragon Fly Mental Health.