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Research Positions for studying synaptic mechanisms of mood disorder

Dr. Jin Bao, a GGNB alumna, has positions available in her lab at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced technology, an Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China).

See below for further details as well as the attached PDF.

Project #1
We have demonstrated the effectiveness of several molecules in relieving depression and
anxiety symptoms in the animal models. We are recruiting ambitious candidates to investigate
the neuronal and synaptic mechanisms of these molecules combining animal behavior, circuit
tracing and electrophysiology techniques. The ultimate goal is to develop novel treatment for
mood disorders.

Project #2
We have designed a novel and robust compulsive animal model. We are looking for
candidates who is interested in applying neural circuit analysis tools to study the mechanisms
of this compulsive behavior.

Allowance: competitive salary for RA, postdoc and associate researchers (100K RMB
annually for Bachelor’s degree holder, 150-200K for Master and 300K-400K for
postDocs); graduate students will have good support (40K-90K including
accommodation) for living cost.

PDF: Recruitment_BAO_2022