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Open Science Fellows Program

The Open Science Fellows Program was launched in 2016 year by Wikimedia Deutschland in collaboration with the Stifterverband. The program promotes opening up research and teaching in accordance with the principles of open science, a movement that enables researchers and society as a whole to access scientific research findings. The goal is to support scientists in making their own research more accessible.

The idea of improving access to science and research in accordance with the principles of open science is at the heart of the program, with transparency, reproducibility and comparability of scientific research as basic prerequisites.

In particular, exchanges and networking between individuals active in open science must be promoted in order to further advance the opening up of science and research. In addition, the program offers participants the opportunity to network with experts from various disciplines who will provide insights into their independent research practices.

The Fellow­ Program offers:
● Qualification
● Mentoring
● Financial Support
● Know­how to Open Science
● Research network to Open Science
● Impulse for own research


More information can be found at (English) or in this Flyer (pdf) (German).