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NEW: Reminder emails for TAC meetings & submission deadline

Dear GAUSS doctoral students, (without GGNB)

starting in January 2021 the GAUSS Office will send automatic emails out of the GAUSS database to remind you of your next scheduled Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting and the apporaching thesis submission deadline (in GGNB such reminder emails already exist for a long time).

As you know at least three TAC meetings and progress reports are mandatory during your doctoral studies within GAUSS (see RerNat-O 2018). The organization of TAC meetings is in the responsibility of the doctoral student. Please check the Handout on TAC meetings. The reminder emails are sent according to your start date of your doctoral studies.

  • The 1st meeting has to take place after 6 months for a first evaluation of the progress.
  • The 2nd meeting should take place after 18 months to evaluate the progress with regard to the potential for publication.
  • The 3rd meeting should take place after 30 months to evaluate of the progress with regard to project completion and submission of the thesis.
    • At this meeting, a timeline for the remaining experiments needs to be agreed upon between the student, the supervisor and the other TAC members.
    • If necessary, a decision on the application for an extension should be taken at this meeting (for further information see the Handout on Thesis Extension).
  • Additional meetings: Mandatory in the case of an extension of the thesis beyond 3.5 years.


For thesis submission deadline reminders, two emails are automatically sent on different days in relation to your deadline.

The emails are sent about three month and six weeks before the due date, respectively. The first email reminds you to apply for an extension of your thesis deadline in case you need more time (extensions should be submitted about three months before the submission deadline and need to be discussed in your 3rd TAC meeting), and whether you have fulfilled all requirements as detailed in the Doctoral Degree Regulations. The second email informs about the last important points to take care of before submitting your thesis.


In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your GAUSS Office