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Nomination of new GAUSS student representatives

Dear GAUSS PhD students, dear program representatives,Vorschau_Logo_GAUSS_ohneRahmen

the period of office of the current GAUSS student representatives is over.

– we need to nominate two new GAUSS student representatives

We would like you to advertise this to other PhD students of your program so that possible candidates know that they can candidate.

Everyone interested can contact the GAUSS Office.

The two GAUSS student representatives will be nominated (“ernannt”) by the student representatives of all GAUSS programs (which includes GGNB, if you are not aware). This will probably take place at the students meeting with the GAUSS board beginning of the winter semester 2019/20.


What does it mean to be a GAUSS student representative“:

Being a student representative was a great experience for both of us. As a student representative you are directly involved in decisions that are being made and you get interesting insights on how things work at the university. In the last year, we helped to design the new GAUSS Regulations (GAUSS-Ordnung) and Doctoral degree regulations (RerNat-Ordnung). Another topic was the ongoing merging of GAUSS and GGNB, with new regulations and we were involved in some financial decisions.

The workload was absolutely manageable. Usually there is one GAUSS board meeting every three months and we had a few additional meetings about financial decisions with a smaller committee, including both student representatives. These meetings are a bit more irregular, since sometimes a decision can be met through email, but also no more than four per year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re early or late stage PhD, but because all the university’s policies are in German, it is really helpful if you understand German (you don’t have to master the language though). Geske Schmidt & Jan Tomasek