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Survey: Demand Assesment – Workshops on foundational coding and data science methods and tools

The local Data Carpentries team is a group of instructors, helpers and other interested people at SUB Göttingen and the university campus, who organize workshops on foundational coding and data science methods and tools (e.g. Tidy Data, RegEx, Git, SQL, Python, R, UnixShell) and address early career researchers and everyone who would like to apply the methods and tools.


In order to plan the next workshops and offer you the curricula of your choice, we kindly ask you to participate in the survey:


We would also be grateful if you could forward it to the colleagues in your working group for who our workshops might be of interest.

If you already use the methods and tools mentioned in the survey and would like to contribute as an instructor or a helper to the future workshops, please write me an e-mail:

Hanna Varachkina

on behalf of the Göttingen Carpentries team