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EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing 9-12 October 2019 Heidelberg

Are you interested in the latest developments of imaging techniques and their applications to the life sciences? This symposium is aimed at bringing together specialists of imaging methods to discuss the huge impact of imaging for cell biological questions. Under the term “Seeing is believing cutting-edge imaging techniques will give an insight view of the processes of life and what might go wrong in diseases, with a special emphasis on imaging dynamic processes from molecular to organism resolution. Visit Heidelberg and the EMBL on 9-12 October 2019

The organizers are keen on supporting all kinds of presentations, discussions and multi-disciplinary exchanges among students, postdocs, and junior as well as senior investigators. With free slots available for student presentations! Flash talks (1 slide/2 min each)! Poster prize!

Keynote speaker: Nobel Prize winner in Physics 1997  Steven Chu
Additional lectures will be given for example by Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry 2014  Stefan W. Hell  William E. Moerner.
Topics include:

© European Molecular Biology Organization | European Molecular Biology Laboratory
© European Molecular Biology Organization | European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • New developments in super-resolution microscopy
  • Imaging across scales
  • Image analysis
  • New biology discovered by imaging
  • Probes and biosensors
  • New biology super-resolved



Registration: 28 August

Late poster abstracts: from 19 July (Abstract submission for talks closed already)

Short 1 hour Industry Workshops are offered as well.

Travel Grants available!


For more information please visit:

Poster of the Symposium


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