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Open Science Meet-up on 13 November 2017, 14-17 – Awareness and incentives for Open Science

Dear Open Science enthusiasts,

we look forward to see you at our next Meet-up on 13 November 2017. This time we’ll concentrate on “Awareness and incentives for Open Science”. We will have the opportunity to discuss with Vice President Prof. Dr. Norbert Lossau who will join us for the meeting.

Venue: SUB Göttingen, Platz der Göttinger Sieben, 1rst Floor, Large Seminar Room (on the gallery, signs will be put up)
Hour: 14:00 – c 17:00 o’clock

The draft agenda can be found below.

Please register by next Thursday, 9 November, at:

For your information we also would like to share with you the minutes of a meeting which recently took place with Prof Lossau.

On behalf of the team and looking forward to see you soon,
Julika, Astrid and Birgit


AGENDA (see also

14:00 Welcome & Coffee/Tea

14:15 – 14:30 Round of Introductions – all
Your name, affiliation and OS initiatives you are involved in

14:30 – 15:00 Statement on OS activities at institutional and European levels – Vice President Prof Dr Norbert Lossau

Some questions to VPLo:
* What kind of influence do you have to move OS forward on Campus Göttingen, what are the limitations?
* What is the role of OS in the Excellence Initiative proposal?
* What is the wider vision for Campus Göttingen?

15:00-16:30 Collection and ranking of main goals, fields of actions and activities

* Short presentation of possible action areas and activities collected so far (slides and posters)
* All participants engage with the action areas & actions (add what’s missing, endorse action areas and actions etc.)

15:40-16:15 Outbreak discussion: Work on one action each – 3-5 groups

16:15-16:30 Report to the plenary – all

16:30 Collection of topics for our next OS Meet-Ups – all
Reports: Hacky Hour