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Do you know your student representatives?

Logo_GAUSS&GGNBDo you know, that each of the >30 GAUSS PhD-programs has its own student representative(s)?

If not, you can find all representatives listed on the GAUSS webpage. For each program, at least one program representative is appointed for a term of office of one year – reappointment is possible. The program representatives represent the doctoral students of their program at the annual meeting with the GAUSS Board. In case you are interested in taking over this position for your program, please get in touch with the program office/speaker or with us.

In GAUSS there is one representative (plus deputy representative) of all doctoral student representatives that is a member of the GAUSS board (applies also to GGNB for the GGNB programs)). The GAUSS student representative is annually appointed by the program representatives (see the post about our new GAUSS representative) and has voting rights on the GAUSS board for the benefit of all doctoral students.


Do you know that you can contact the program or GAUSS student representative in case of questions, ideas or trouble? Alternatively, get in touch in case you want to be actively part in organizing a program activity to promote exchange among the doctoral students of your program (GAUSS is offering a range of opportunities to support doctoral program activities as for example retreats, symposia and excursions)?

Your student representative is there to support you – do not hesitate to contact him/her.


Side note:

For questions regarding administrative, organizational or qualification-related matters, you may contact the GAUSS Office, your student representatives, the GAUSS student representative, the coordinator of your doctoral program, or the student advisory service of the according faculty.

Moreover, GAUSS has a person of trust for doctoral students –
The GAUSS person of trust advises, and if possible, assists every doctoral student having serious problems in connection with his or her supervision. This is strictly confidential.

Please see also our webpage on Advice & Counseling services.