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Call for participants in the “Three-Minute-Thesis (3MT) Competition”

Coimbra Dear doctoral students,

Can you present the core message of your doctoral thesis in just three minutes and with only one static slide? Can you explain your research to a group of lay people – in English? And finally, are you interested in a trip to Montpellier? Then this is something for you!

We are delighted to launch the call for the fourth Coimbra Group

Three-Minute-Thesis (3MT) Competition

Short history of the Three-Minute-Thesis Competition:

The idea for the 3MT competition arose in Australia, when Queensland was facing a drought and everyone was requested to use less water – also when showering. A large part of the people thus used egg timers to shower for no more than 3 minutes. The Dean of the University of Queensland´s Graduate School then came up with the idea of the 3MT Competition – et voila, the egg was ready to be served!

The rules of the competition are simple, but not easy:

Each participant only has 3 minutes to present his or her research with only one slide to an educated lay audience in such a way that they can easily follow and understand what the person is working on. The candidates will be filmed.

Coimbra member Universities – such as the University of Göttingen – are encouraged to hold their own competitions to select the best candidates for the entry into the final CG 3MT Competition.

A jury of Professors of the four Göttingen Graduate Schools will judge the Three-Minute Talk. The video of Göttingen´s best PhD student will be send to the Coimbra Doctoral Studies Working Group in Brussels, and will be evaluated online together with the winners from the other universities by representatives of all participating universities. They will then select the three finalists from all 3MT candidates of the participating Coimbra Universities of Europe.

Sounds complicated? Don’t mind. The first Göttingen winner reached second place in Edinburgh, the second Göttingen winner won last year in Krakow. And we all won knowledge in fields that we never thought about.

The competition here in Göttingen will be on 13 February 2020 in ZHG001, starting at 5 p.m..


For those who are interested in participating in the 3MT Competition in Göttingen, here some rules for the 2020 Coimbra Group 3MT Competition:



  • By accepting to participate in the CG 3MT competition, contestants agree to have their video available on the Coimbra Group website.



To register as a contestant in the 3MT Competition 2020, please send an email until 20 January 2020 (8:00 a.m.) with the following information to the GAUSS Office:

  • Name
  • Graduate school and faculty
  • Title of the presentation


For an impression on what 3MT means, have a look at the presentations of the contests in 2017 and 2019.

In 2017, Tanvi Butola from GAUSS was elected to travel to Edinburgh to represent Göttingen at the CG Annual Conference and reached the second place.

In 2019, GAUSS student Claudia Schmidt was the winner in Göttingen and deservedly reached the first place in Krakow (Talk by Claudia Schmidt in Göttingen:

Report on both winners on the Göttingen Coimbra Group website.

Further information about the 3MT Competition, can be found here: