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Intensive German courses for international students, 19-30 Sep 2022

These intensive 3,5 hours/day (two weeks, Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 12.30) skill-oriented German courses for (PhD) students of GAUSS/GGNB are primarily designed to develop the ability to communicate in simple everyday situations. Most of them are intended for students who have little or no prior knowledge of German. Students with advanced German skills are welcome to sign up for the B/C level courses. (Please take an assessment test first – see below)

All courses will take place in-person this year!

Registration period: 1-13 August 2022 via Stud-IP (Please note that the courses are assigned to the winter term 2022/23 in Stud-IP) 

If the maximum number of participants for a course (20) is reached, you can still register. We will try to offer additional courses for this language level if courses are overbooked.

When? 19 – 30 September 2022
Lesson time Approx. 3,5 hours daily – Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 12.30 h
For whom? (Doctoral) students of GAUSS/GGNB
Fee no fee
Registration Register via Stud-IP
Levels A1.1 – B/C
Placement Test Please assess your current language level yourself using this onlinetest:
 UNIVZ/Stud.IP Title of Course/Trainer Location Recommended for
4502689 German Introductory Course – A1.1
(Ms. Aditi Jagdale)
VG 1.104
students without any knowledge of the German language
450419 German Introductory Course – A1.1
(Ms. Christine Flies)
VG 2.102
students without any knowledge of the German language
450413 German Introductory Course – A1.2
(Mr. Maximilian Hirche)
VG 3.101
students who already took part in an introductory German language course (A1.1)
450417 German Introductory Course – A2.1
(Ms. Upul de Silva)
VG 4.103 students with basic prior knowledge of the German language
450416 German Introductory Course – A2.2
(Mr. Benjamin Stumm)
VG 2.103 students with basic prior knowledge of the German language
4509615 German Introductory Course – B.1
(Ms. Veronika Götz)
VG 1.105 students with advanced knowledge of the German language
450459 German Course – B2/C
(Ms. Fereshteh Bahmannejad)
VG 4.105 students who are already able to communicate confidently in German – depending on the exact language level of the registered participants the course may be split into two groups