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sci-an: virtual event platform for scientific networking and discussion

sci-an is a virtual event platform for scientific networking and discussion. The goal is to make the scientific process more efficient, sustainable and inclusive. Since the number of new talents in science increases rapidly every year, new ways are needed to enable young scientists in particular to start an international career.
This entry usually happens through networking at scientific conferences. Unfortunately, these international conferences are often associated with numerous ecological burdens and economic obstacles. As a result, many young talents are not recognized, which is enormously damaging to their careers and to science as a whole.

By combining virtual events with targeted networking tools, sci-an offers an easy-to-use alternative. Visit

Currently, the project is funded by an EXIST start-up grant from the Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, as well as by the Startup Incubator Programme of the Max Planck Society (MAX!mize). This funding currently allows to offer sci-an free of charge to all interested parties worldwide. All scientists are invited to use sci-an for themselves and their next events to experience the benefits of virtual networking in science for themselves.