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Rules for course registration

Two important rules as a reminder:


In light of recent events, we again have to stress that certain rules apply to the registration for GAUSS/GGNB courses, as indicated in UniVZ, Stud.IP and on the overview course lists. By signing up, you agree to these rules. Sanctions will be applied if the rules are not followed. No exceptions will be granted.

Also, we would ask you to not contact the course instructors directly – all communication has to go through us in order to avoid irregularities.



We also ask that the traffic light recommendations in the skill course enrollment table continue to be followed. Doctoral students in their first year may therefore please not register for courses specially considered for late stage PhDs.

Recommended for (early/mid/late PhD)

early early

early+middle early/mid

middle+late mid/late

late late

allTimes all times


Thank you for your cooperation!