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Kekulé Fellowship for PhD candidates in chemistry

The Chemical Industry Fund awards the Kekulé Scholarship for doctoral students in chemistry and chemistry-related life science subjects.

The requirements include:

  • University studies within a maximum of 10 semesters (incl. master’s thesis or state examination thesis) in chemistry or chemistry-related life science subjects with a degree that allows admission to doctoral studies. Semesters abroad are counted. Expertise in chemistry acquired prior to university studies, such as technical college studies, must be appropriately counted towards the duration of studies.
  • Completion of the doctoral thesis in an outstanding, chemically oriented research group at a university or non-university research institution (not in commercially active companies such as start-up companies).
  • Application maximum 4 months after the start of the doctoral thesis. Otherwise, the duration of the scholarship must be reduced accordingly. If the start of the dissertation is more than 6 months ago, no more applications can be submitted.

Applications can be submitted on three application dates each year: 1 March, 1 July, 1 November

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