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Application for start-ups | AHEAD Life Science Track 2020 | DEADLINE 01 Aug 2020

This is an announcement for the AHEAD Life Science Track starting in autumn this year at the Life Science Factory.

AHEAD is an accelerator program of Fraunhofer Venture, which supports intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in turning their technology into a company. This six-month accelerator program helps start-up teams with technological innovations in a demand-oriented way to further develop their life science business model and validate it in the market. The Life Science Factory is an exclusive partner for the AHEAD Life Science Track.

Our program includes:

  • Digital bootcamp (2 days from Sept. 14 -17, 2020) and
  • 3 check-ins with the following topics (digital or in Göttingen): life science (Oct. 7.+ 8. 2020), industry (Nov. 17.+18. 2020) and go to market (Dez. 9.+10. 2020)

Please find more detailed information in the attached presentation-link (

Application will be possible via (Deadline 1. August 2020).

Here you can only create your application, not send it, because the life science teams have a special application.

IMPOTANT: Please contact STEN KÜSTER after you have created your application.

We will give our partner Fraunhofer an advice, that you have created your application and with that you are registered for the Life Science Track.

If you have further questions concerning the program or the application process, please contact Sten Küster ( He will help you with every question.

We would appreciate if you could spread this email to start-ups who might be interested.

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