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Join the local group of “Scientists for Future”

Hi Göttingen-Scientists !

We from academia and sciences know, humans have a strong negative effect onto the earth’s climate. Already today, the ongoing and proven climate change endangers our wealth, health and will cause more and more suffering at humans and animals.

This year the movement for preventing a climate crisis got a great boost. Lets stand up und support this movement. Its very urgent to make a change, not somewhen soon, but now !


For that purpose, I founded a local group of Scientists for Future, half a year ago. Our activities cover transfer of scientific knowledge by posters, talks and presentations. We write newspaper letters and had public discussions with politicians already.

Still we need support from our local scientific community in Göttingen.

If you want, please feel free to join the Göttingen area group

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Kind regards

Alok Weßel