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Lecture series “Current Topics in Biophysics”

The GGNB PhD-Program “Physics of Biological and Complex Systems” is organising a lecture series on “Current topics in Biophysics”. Even though the series started already on April 21st, the topics might be of interest for several PhD students in GAUSS.

If you are interested, please have a look at the program and the following information from the PBCS office:



Dear PhD students within GAUSS,

We would like to draw your attention to the lectures series “Current Topics in Biophysics” which is offered by the GGNB PhD Program “Physics of Biological and Complex Systems”.

The lecture series is open to all interested PhD students in GAUSS!

You are welcome to join whenever a topic is of interest.

Fridays from 10:15-11:45 am, the full program is attached!

Start: 21th April 2017

Seminar room SR16 (room F02.125),

III. Institute of Physics,

Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1,

37077 Göttingen.

The lecture series offers a broad overview of the methods used in biophysics and related disciplines

from experimental to theoretical,

from spectroscopy to whole-cell manipulations,

from microscopy and nanoscopy to the simulation of complex systems.

This “methods in a nutshell” course provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with several techniques as taught by the experts.

Best regards,

The PBCS Office

GGNB / IMPRS for Physics of Biological and Complex Systems

Frauke Bergmann

-Program Assistant –

Am Fassberg 11

37077 Goettingen, Germany

Tel.: +49 551 201 2342

Fax: +49 551 201 2302